Creative Writing

The Whole Foods Effect/2016

Excerpt: Dorchester: Boston’s largest and most controversial neighborhood summed up in a few catchy lyrics from Dorchester’s own Donnie Wahlberg and Jonathan and Jordan Knight. Spanning six square miles, Dorchester, often truncated to Dot, is a melting pot of Vietnamese, Cape Verdean, Irish, and Polish cultures. A jumble of sub-neighborhoods–Uphams Corner, Savin Hill, Ashmont, Polish Triangle, Fields Corner, Codman Square, Meeting House Hill, Lower Mills, Cedar Grove, Neponset, Jones Hill–compete for space. Notorious for high crime rates, poverty, and violence, Dorchester’s long-time residents nevertheless refer to themselves as “Dot Rats” or “OFD (originally from Dorchester)” with fierce pride, “hangin’’ tough” against gentrification in favor of preserving Dorchester’s distinctive personality…. 


Excerpt: I haven’t dated anyone since 2006. What’s my pickup line? Do I have interests? I can’t remember having any. Did I shower this morning–sniff–nope. Scanning the area for a MILF, I spot a promising candidate sitting near the drinking fountain: we’re around the same age, we’re both alone, we have similar taste in clothing, and is that a book I see on the bench? Moving slowly so as not to arouse suspicion, I approach, warily eyeing my competition–this one is mine! Territory marked, I perch on the edge of the wooden seat and wait the appropriate length of time before making my move. Stay cool and play it safe, don’t seem too desperate…

Confessions of a Facebook Addict/2015

Excerpt: “Fuck you. It’s over.” Are you sure? Action cannot be undone. “I’m sure.” By selecting “OK” your account will be permanently deleted. Continue?  “Yes. No…wait. I didn’t mean it! Give me another chance, we’ll be happy together.” I tap the cancel button. Facebook and I have a love-hate relationship; I threaten to cut ties yet the fear of being alone always lures me back…